Budgies Left in a Garbage

I received a call from Bird Lovers Club of 2 budgies left in a garbage can, cage and all.
Tiffany was the finder of the buddies - a real nice lady. I think I made a new friend.
They had a tiny cage with food and poop piled on bottom of it.

I want to get them in a larger cage, but they are definitely cleaner now.

People do this. People can be lazy, irresponsible, selfish. There are horror stories in my brain that will just kill your spirits and blow your mind. This happens to birds, cats, dogs, cows, chickens, lizards... You just have to google it... Be ye warned.

Budgiezilla takes vengeance on people who are mean to budgies...

People can also be considerate, compassionate, and loving.
Like what was brought to the attention during the tragedy at Boston - Mr. Rogers' "Look for the helpers."

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
  Edmund Burke

My hope is to spread the word that there's groups and individuals that want to help! Bird Lovers Club works with No Feather Left Behind, Parrot Outreach Society is our homies, Birds of Paradise Sanctuary works her tail off to help needy birds. No Paw Left Behind and South FL Wildlife Center got me started. Sawgrass Nature Center's joined the mix. We are all here and we all want to help!

Keep passing the love on.

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