Brown Pelicans Found with Pouches Slashed

Veterinarian Don Harris, director of the Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center in Miami, performed surgery on the pelican found by Charter boat captain Jim Sharpe. He agreed with Totman (of Florida Keys Wildlife Rescue) that this was no accident.
“I firmly believe it to be malicious,” Harris said. 
On Sunday, a fisherman reported seeing several live brown pelicans with their pouches cut near Venture Out resort on Cudjoe Key. It’s separated from Summerland Key by a bridge.
Totman said she went to the resort around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday and found a dead pelican with its throat slashed. While there, she also looked through binoculars to see at least four more pelicans flying with their pouches ripped.
She also talked to men fishing along the Niles Channel and Kemp Channel bridges in the Lower Keys. She said they told her they, too, had seen several injured pelicans.
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Don Harris is an amazing vet that goes above and beyond helping animals. He even traveled from Miami to Coral Springs in a horrible Storm to do an operation on Pako, only to say "The medicine is working. No need to operate." He could've pocketed some funds for the trouble, but he decided on the best interest of my bird.

I saw him on the news the other night talking about this serial slasher of pelicans' pouches. These poor birds suffer enough with all the fish hooks and fishing line they ingest.

Have you ever stepped on a fishhook? Imagine swallowing that.

I love pelicans. I honestly would've maced them in the face, zip-tie their @$$3$ up, and wait for the po-po to arrive...

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