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Seeing how I'm in my car for at least 2 hours almost every day, I've taken a shine to podcasts. offers up two bird educational series:

Birds Eye View | Parrots and Birds
with Dr. Michelle Ravich & Dr. Laurie Hess

Birds are very social and generally live in large flocks in the wild. As the bird’s owner, you are essentially his or her flock mate, so the bird’s cage should be placed in an area in your home where there is a lot of activity. Cages should not be placed in the kitchen because of potential risk to the bird from cooking fumes and flames on the stove. Teflon pans should never be used around birds, as the toxic chemicals they release into the air when they are heated to high temperatures can be instantly fatal to birds.

Birds should never be exposed to cigarette smoke or other aerosolized toxins to which they are very sensitive. Caution should also be taken with birds around open doors and windows, near mirrors and ceiling fans, and around other potentially predatory pets, such as cats and dogs.

While birds should be taken out of the cage as much as possible to socialize them and provide exercise, they should never be left unsupervised. To provide mental stimulation and physical exercise, birds should be provided with safe toys that are good to chew on, such as items made from soft wood, cardboard, paper, or chewable food items such as coconut husks and corncobs.

Wings 'n Things | Bird and Parrot Podcast
with Robin Shewokis, Barbara Heidenreich & Susan Chamberlain

Join Barbara Heidenreich of Good Bird Inc. and Robin Shewokis of The Leather Elves for this 30 minute look at parrots. In these bird podcasts, each week Barbara and Robin will address the issues of parrot ownership that they encounter most often in their work with these birds. Topics range from troublesome behavioral concerns to creative enrichment solutions to conservation initiatives. Through years of working in the field of animal training and enrichment Barbara and Robin have met many fascinating individuals who work with parrots both in captivity and in the wild.

Tune in to these awesome bird and parrot podcasts to hear interesting guests sharing their avian experiences. Each week features Barbara and Robin’s suggestions for parrot resources available online and in avian specialty shops. Upcoming parrot events worldwide are listed at the end of each episode. Sharing their knowledge of parrot care is what Barbara and Robin do best. Tune in to these bird podcasts and increase your understanding of your feathered friends.

It's the ultimate bird podcasts for bird lovers! Wings 'n Things Theme Song, "I Love Parrots"

Written and Produced by Roberta Fabiano

Podcasts & Seminars | World Parrot Trust
Building Better Relationships Between People and Parrots

Learn more about parrot care, health, nutrition, enrichment, and behaviour from leading experts.

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