752 Rescued Hens Feel Sunshine for the First Time

"If we could live happy & healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?"

This is exquisitely done, so much so, I used the word exquisitely.
Watching this will bring happy and sad tears to your eyes and make you rethink the real cost of the food you eat.If you’ve never seen an ex-battery hen take her first steps on soil, or feel the sunshine on her face for the first time — then this might be five of the most moving minutes you’ll ever see.
Battery cages had not only prevented these hens from expressing normal and natural behaviours — but they denied them of any quality of life.
Thanks to Edgar’s Mission, they learned to live — and love — a life full of all the things that make it worth living.
Help us create happy endings for hens everywhere by freeing them from cruelty at www.AnimalsAustralia.org/ladies.
This brings both happy and sad tears but it will make you rethink the real cost of the food you eat.

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