Internet Famous Birds - Jacques

voxmonsterz asked:
"What kind of bird is Jaques from Jontron and are the good burds or are they all cyborgs with bad attitudes like Jaques?"
Jaques is a green cheek conure. I haven’t had one personally, but many people are fans because of their colors, petiteness, and they’re kawaiiness.
I do have MUCH experience with conures (my favs), which are generally clownish, cuddly, but tend to be very loud (just like me).
All birds are snuggly when they’re young (b/c they want their mamas). They may continue to be so when they get older, but there’s a high risk they’ll act like moody teenagers when they hit about 3-4 years old. They will gradually begin to shoot lasers from their eyes and/or get nippy/humpy. They may also prefer males over females or vice versa.
We can’t forget that they are wild animals, some are modified with cybernetic enhancements, but they’re still 1-2 generations from their homies in the trees.
So with all animals, if you’re interested in one, do a butt-ton of research. Don’t dismiss less colorful or older birds. The older birds are more predictable and may end up being snuggle-bugs once they get use to you, and I think red-masked conures have the best personalities, right Piko? (squak)
Accept them no matter what havoc they may wreak.

As always, please adopt your bird from a local pet rescue (!

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