2nd Grade Class Learns about Bird Rescue

Piko, Me, Roxie, & Karen
Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be able to take off work so I could teach 2nd graders about tiny-feathered-people and adoption. They were SO very responsive and bright! I tried to teach them to look at birds with compassion and respect, the same as they would like to receive. I feel the message got through and it makes me so happy!
I also brought my My Little Pony bag which helped me relate to them. :P “Fluttershy’s my favorite, do you know why?” “Because she loves animals!” 
The teacher helped corral them with mad skills when they were getting too excited. I have such respect for teachers!
I want to thank Karen from The Little Blue Dog, her dog, Roxie (the cuteness!) and Mrs. Pressler and her class for the opportunity to preach the word of bird.
I started to have a panic attack in the beginning, but once I started going, I felt better, and wouldn’t mind doing it again! 
Piko the Finsch's Conure and Cody the Rainbow Lovebird went along. Piko was a little shy and hid in my jacket some of the time which gave me the chance to teach "Each bird responds differently to people, just like we do." Cody was a ham like usual, loving to get loved on. The kids were so gentle and kind with him. It helps that Cody is a pro. ;)

So much love and compassion!
This was an eye-opening event and I'd love to do more!

The Little Blue Dog's response - Bird, Interupted.

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