Q&A Rescue Birds & Misconceptions

Question: Do you happen to know any resources for bird rescues? Anything like a directory for them? We'll of course be including petfinder, but I was wondering if you knew of any way people can look up rescues near them. Also if you know any common misconceptions about rescue parrots?
Answer: Petfinder.com is the best means in my opinion. The other way is google searches, including location and keywords like “bird rescue” or “parrot rescue”.

Some rescue will go across the state or states to hook you up via volunteers.
Adoption forms and home visits should be expected. Wellness exams as well, but sometimes it’s a tough-go depending on the size of the rescue. Vet bills are $$. If they DON’T have the ability to vet, I implore everyone to take your adopted bird for a wellness exam. Because of the immediate wellness exam, I was able to spend more years with the amazing Pako.

Don’t assume you wouldn’t have to do a wellness exam by getting a bird through a pet store. I’ve had people report to me of getting sick birds from a variety of pet store chains.

Another misconceptions about rescued birds is that, “This bird is older, it won’t bond with me. It has behavioral issues.” Every parrot is similar when they’re young. They’re needy for their parents. They’re goofy, cuddling, and generally sweet.
However, when they reach maturity, they might not want their human mama or papa. They want a mate. So they may end up bonding with someone else in the house. Sunnie the Quaker is doing this. Mikey my conure still adores me, but lately he’s been flirting with my husband.

Just like a human child, you need to develop trust. It won’t happen over night. It may not happen at all (Wiki the Nanday Conure). It may be next to instant (Pako the Mitred Conure). It may take 6 months or more. (Georgie the Scarlet-Fronted Conure). Something may change and they’ll love you (Miss Tiel did this).

Older birds are sometimes better because they’re set in their ways. (Pako)
Older birds sometimes change and even learn new phrases and antics (Georgie).

We are hear for them. They’re not hear for us. We deny them the insane ability of flight. We owe them the best we can offer. Be it a bird friend, a flight cage, lots of cuddle time, sharing dinner time with them…

Birds are a pandoras box, and you need to love them and respect them no matter what. They are wild animals (with the exception some budgies). There are birds out there needing good homes, there’s no reason to be bringing more into the world, giving them to unsuspecting people via Pet Store Chains. Those pet store birds often become rescue birds.

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