BIRD CARE | Proper Bird Holding

by a-fierce-macaw

DO NOT hold a bird like this for more than a few moments, if that. Birds do not have a diaphragm. They expand their lungs by raising their entire ribcage, and a hold like this — especially on a tiny bird like a budgie — could easily suffocate them accidentally.

If you do need to hold or restrain a budgie for any reason, you should use the bander’s grip, which looks about like this:
(source, also shows a variety of less-secure holds for other purposes)
This hold, done right, puts no pressure on a budgie’s ribcage, allowing them to breathe freely and you to hold your bird safely! and safety is the most important thing for our small birdie friends.

If you want to kiss your bird, try taming them! It requires more time and patience, and that your bird cooperates and is in the right frame of mind (gee, how about that?) but it’ll be a lot more rewarding and won’t traumatize or injure your budgie! Even if your budgie doesn’t warm up to kissing, they’ll be much happier if you work to make them comfortable around you, and happier budgies mean happier budgie owners!

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