Project Green Cross

We’ve been getting calls from loving families falling on hard times with companion parrots in need of emergency care.
This puts us in a bind. We WANT birds to stay with the families that love them, but financially, we’ll go under if we said yes to everyone. That’s where you can help. 
Many of us know what it’s like to endure barren times financially. We’re hoping with your help, we can say to families enduring hardship, “Ok, send your bird over to our vet.”
Project Green Cross is derived from the American Red Cross, borrowing from their mission statement:
 ”No Feather Left Behind’s, Project Green Cross prevents and alleviates avian suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of our veterinarians, volunteers, and the generosity of donors.”
To see updates on the birds we have helped, check out No Feather Left Behind’s Facebook page.  
Our vet partners are Backos Bird Clinic and Broward Avian & Exotic, FL.
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NFLB: PROJECT GREEN CROSS | 2nd Recipient, Miss Peeps

She has been egg bound since last Thursday and her family can’t afford the surgery due to health issues, but they love her dearly.
8/26/14 Miss Peeps made it thru the surgery, they removed the bottom egg (see x-ray), that was too big for her to pass. They will wait to see if the 2nd egg, which is still soft, will form correctly and pass naturally. Rescuer Mimi will get another update soon and pass along.
She is being cared for by Backos Bird Clinic, FL.
If you could, please click or share the link below so we can help more birds like Miss Peeps, dog-bite victim Cosmo the budgie, and their families!

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  1. She has been egg limited since last Friday and her members of the family can’t manage the surgery treatment due to medical concerns, but they really like her a lot. Spybubble Free