Zuko Still Not Well Yet

An eye issue started to develop when he came into the rescue, it got better with treatment, but as soon as I stopped the injections, it came back. Ointment has been used since the beginning, but this sort of thing is a real pain in the butt.
Continued further on Baytril. The puffiness seemed to go down a little and has not progressed further.

His cage is tidy, he gets fresh air and food every day, I have no idea what caused it. His (actually her) cage-friend is completely fine. 

The bigger issue is an enlarged liver which is being treated now with Flagyl, and concentrated Milk Thistle. After she feels better, we're going to get the gross pus-bumps out of the area around her eye.
Pus in that area is thick and needs to be extracted. 

She's still ChaWEEing. She's being a little trooper. Very sweet Canary. I'm sorry she has to go through this.

UPDATE: Swelling in the eye has gone down, the liver seems a little better too... 

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