Adoptable: Sara Cockatoo

EMAIL: for inquiries.

"Abandoned Ducorps cockatoo named is Sara, sex not confirmed. She was abandoned at our clinic in a plastic trash can with a perch mounted inside. Typical cockatoo likes to be out of the cage all day. We put her in her cage at night and she will eat while she’s in there, but I’m not sure she even sleeps because when I let her out in the mornings, she goes to sleep on her perch. She will not relieve herself in her cage. She waits until she is out on her perch. She needs a lot of work. She will sit on my arm and will let me rub her head, but she’s not to friendly with anyone else. It’s taken about 4 months to get this far.

Ideally, her new parent(s) will not have other pets and will have a work at home job or have a job where she can go to work too and be out all day. She is a beautiful little cockatoo and has not picked or self-mutilated. She’s very quiet and will warble when she wants to be let out or wants to be rubbed. I am very protective of her and want a home for her that will be perfect. Please let me know if you know of anyone."

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