Donations from Verilux - Light Therapy

"Birds enjoy sharper vision than humans. Birds can see certain light frequencies, including ultraviolet, that humans cannot see." via

Miss Tiel has been spending the most time with the Happy Light. She definitely seems to be more peppy and alert. When you first turn it on, your eyes instantly respond to it, it's like someone opened a window to let the sun in or you got a new lens prescription.

We all are enjoying the Natural Spectrum Compact Fluorescent bulbs. There's an obvious contrast between the Verilux Bulbs to our old standard bulbs. They really brighten up the place and makes things more vivid.

I personally love supporting companies that support charities, I'm so grateful they would consider ol' NFLB over here (as well as others!)

Thank you kindly for thinking of the birds.

To support their generosity and their great product, please visit and peruse their wares.

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