Why the Pet Trade Is Horrible

WARNING: This is a traumatic story, but this is what’s going on in the world. It has to STOP. Awareness helps to end suffering.

Good friend of mine told me a story about how she used to work in a pet store up in the northeast of the US.
A customer came in to the pet store to get a blue budgie’s wings clipped. 
The lady left and was going to pick the bird up later.  The “groomer” hit 2 blood feathers and the bird was bleeding everywhere. 
Instead of pulling out the feather with tweezers or getting it medical care. She threw it in a container and stuffed it in the freezer, ALIVE. 
I am told this is common practice for sick or injured birds in the pet trade. 
My friend was putting a dead animal in the freezer, and noticed the bird chirping in the box.
It was still alive, with severe brain damage. 
It lived 7 years with her, never fully recovered, but was loved...
This isn’t an isolated incident.
I’ve heard similar stories about a local bird shop doing this to a lovebird because it was sick and he wasn’t going to pay to get it vetted. They deny it, but their denial wasn’t convincing in my opinion... 
Don’t support the pet trade. Adopt only. 

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