Guardian of Fukushima Mr. Matstumura

Naoto Matsumura has dedicated his life to the animals of Fukushima. He lives alone in his town deserted after the 2011 earthquake sent residents fleeing a nuclear power plant meltdown. He is only able to feed and care for the animals who were abandoned and left behind with money donated by supporters. He is still going strong 4 years later but needs donations and support to continue his wonderful mission. Plumfund will donate all profits back to Mr. Matsumura's work. Thank you for supporting this animal hero!

Plumfund has been directly in touch with Mr. Matsumura and has sent the first wire to his Toho Bank account on April 27th, 2015. Mr. Matsumura confirmed he received the funds. The next wire will go out once more funds have been raised.


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