Propper Wing Clipping

Here's a link to a how-to..!
If you choose to do it, be sure you know what to do if you hit a blood feather..!

From my experience, I find it safer to clip the birds' wings than letting them be fully flighted.
There are some exceptions, but I think it's best to play it safe.

Here's my story:
I let Elly slide for a time. She's a bird, she should have the right to flight.
She would launch from shoulder to shoulder happily, flutter around the house to greet whoever just came home.
Eventually she became very bratty (nippy and spoiled). She had a taste of freedom and she was like a teenager, feeling invinsible.
Mind you. The stove wasn't on.
The fans weren't on.
Windows can pose a danger if she lost control...
Once she took off and landed in a plate of grease that was sitting on the stove from the dinner earlier.
It wasn't hot, but what a mess. Her booty-feathers took forever to come back to normal.
Of all places she could've landed...!
That's the thing. Play it safe and clip your bird's wings.

Now then... Learn from my second mistake.
I did have the vet clip her wings.
She was so adapted at flying, she was able to fly after they were done.
In retrospect, I didn't think they did it properly...
I took her outside with me, she got spooked, launched, flew a good distance, and crash landed.
So many things could've gotten her, Thank God I was able to retrieve her.

You'll know if you clipped your birds' wings properly if they can glide safely to the floor instead of dropping like a rock or taking off like Elly did.

Chippy the Pirate's (a local bird shop) does an AMAZING job of it for free. He even tends to their beaks and toes...! It's about 10$ to have the vet do it. I'm too nervous that I'll hit a blood feather, so often times, I let a real pro do it.

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