For the Birds.

Clifford Plushie I Commisioned
I'm hoping to find reason and better way to help birds by talking to the bird store owner that is to be protested soon.
He says he's a bird lover. Bird lovers are usually nice people... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he really wants to help them. 
Helping birdies is the most serious business with me. Anyone who knows me, knows this. I love all animals, but I have experience and knowledge with this group, so I feel it's ok to express myself when the need comes.
I don't like to rant and rave without knowing what I'm ranting and raving about. When I'm rowdy about something, hell hath no fury. But my fury must be righteous and with reason...!
Cliffy's memory leads me...! It lead me to Mikey, Georgie, and Pako. I love them so much. Lead me to the Wildlife Center, No Paw Left Behind, and Ghazal's animal loving activists.  
I'll let God and Cliffy's memory continue to lead me.

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