Message to Bill's Bird Protesters

I'm working with Nathan of Bill's Birds on ways to do right by his birds as well as birds in need (to start, he's trying to help people keep their birds in their homes well cared for through donations for vet care and the like)... I cautiously offered him a clean slate in exchange. 

Thus far he has been willing to listen to what I've asked for thus far and also has offered positive ideas in return. 
I'll share some of those in this message.

I hope there's a steady up-change that can be maintained by the end of this month and beyond the end of the month.

I'm planning on weekly surprise visits. I encourage people to do the same, report back to me, and be consistent. 

If you see a neglected, dirty, over-crowded, not maintained, cage, I ask you spread my email and make me aware. Please be well-mannered the best you can.

If you see a plucked bird, check to see if it was a rescue first. He has done rescues. That's what I want to focus on with Nathan. Rescues and birds in need. 1 bird saved means the world to that 1 bird.
I feel he knows how to treat birds, he just needs to show us that.

I've been researching birds for about 4 years, reading whatever I can. I have 4 of my own adopted/rehomes (with the exception of Elly because I was an idiot back then and adoption didn't dawn on me because I wasn't exposed to it). I'm seeking advice from a certified Exotic Pet vet who's been working with me for the past year on my flock, as well as a person that is experienced in the field of animal adoptions.

This process started the beginning of this week and so far the need to protest has dwindled thanks to the protest group's ambition and Nathan's effort to communicate for the care of his birds. Ghazal, who issued the protest (to my knowledge), and fellow animal-lovers are all in communication with me. I'm going to send updates and reports back to them. 

The protest info may have spread. I'm very happy for that. Genuinely. It shows people care about these beautiful, emotional, and intelligent creatures. 
Once you adopt a bird, learn about them, you understand how amazing they are. They are my kids...

I think it would be good of me to show up on the 7th for the protesters that do show up and get everyone's feedback.
Maybe I can present this message too. 

I'm a bird lover first and fore-most. I do everything in my power for the health, love, and well-being of these birds in the memory of my Clifford. 
If there's a way to help give a good life to a bird, I'm there. Volunteering whenever able in whatever rescue.

My dream is to have a bird rescue or sanctuary. 

I've been seeking out info from everywhere I can.
I do not at all agree to the breeding of birds for captivity. I am for 100% for adoption. 
However. The biggest thing that stands out is, if the consumer wants something, they will find a way to get it... let it be by the best way possible.

I want to educate through his business to the consumer, so the need to breed birds fades. 
Curing ignorance with knowledge. 

With this, Nathan of Bill's Birds has informed me that he's been printing information to be handed out with each bird. 
It's one thing to tell a person how to care for a bird, it's another to give them documents to refer back to. 
I have a, "What to feed your birds and what not to" on my fridge at all times just to be sure what I'm feeding is not harmful. This and other info was provided by a rescue that even did house visits. That experienced helped me out immensly.

Again, I encourage bird and animal lovers to join me. 

He seems to want to be worked with. He says if you see a problem, he will fix it. 
Let's find the problems, and lets find sollutions instead of anger.

He's been messaging me daily. Right now he's working on getting a bird rescue started. He's rescued birds in the past and he says to feel that he needs to start focusing on it more.
He's working on financial aid for people with birds that are low on money in order to take care of them with vet visits and medication. 
He's willing to put a sign in his window saying "Here to help birds in need" 
He has informed me of a moluccan cockatoo has now found a new home and he's taken in 3 special needs, baby budgies, informing the person who brought them in to separate the pair.

Update: They found homes. The two really special guys went to live with another special budgie that needed a friend. 

I think the thought of the protest was enough to hopefully change his negative, prior ways. I really want to believe that and I hope it proves true.
If he fails to do what's best, the protest will be rescheduled... and there will be hell to pay, compliments of yours truly in every legal way possible. I hate being rude like that, but it would be necessary.

Let's put our energy into the ones that don't want to comply. That want to fight even after approaching them with reason and kindness.
If we protest, it will be free publicity which concerns me. "All publicity is good publicity."

Protests is for when people don't want to talk. Hopefully those reading this will agree.

I want to focus on chain stores, swap shops, and people unwilling to care about their well-being. 
They are like children. A cockatoo is like a 2 year old that lives for 80 years...
My 4 conures are my babies.

There needs to be laws in place. Pet licenses that should be had especially for exotics that outlive their families. Will everyone comply? No. But something is better than nothing.

If you want to talk to me, let me know I'm crazy, let me know of the horrible stories you've endured.. I'll be there on the 7th and we'll find a way to do right by these feather-babies.
My flock is my family, I can't stand to see anything happening to their cousins.. I see my beloved Clifford in every bird's eyes I see. 

What makes me think I can make a difference? Passion. If you share this passion, I'd love for you to help. 

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