Thoughts on Life and desires to save it

(My banter from someone on Facebook)

I don't think we all came from the same evolutionary trees, maybe multiple trees. I believe this because a mammal will never be a reptile, because of things like this, I have trouble seeing a single base.

I see blue-prints of a creator, a master artist.

There was a template. He molded and modified, painted, took time and discernment to create co-existence and laws, order. Chaos begets chaos, order is something needing maintenance. Thus my belief in a higher power.

We all have pair of eyes, lungs, internal, yet symmetrical, unlike the madness that is our intenstines. Emotions, we all have emotions.

I see wonder and beauty in all of this, like seeing the most magnificent, living pieces in an endless art gallery. The trees, and the air that sustains us, the CO2 we emit (yet we now drown them in) but we never see...

Humans are mere spectators, ruining the joint, out the cash in on what we didn't do anything to contribute. You figured we'd be good stewards and maintain the place... Nope. This is why we are were we are.
Life is beautiful even when it can be brutal, but in nature, it's out of necessity, not greed or amusement.

Humanity is an anomaly who profits and takes sick pleasure in dominating and disrespecting the gifts we were given.

Humans are the same as animals, yet so different, and not in a good way.

We, as living beings DO share many things in common. We also share similarities to a virus, don't you think?

You and I (evolutionists) may have different ideas, but we do share the same desire to respect our fellow life forms. (The guy and I are into animal rights.)

If you look in the eyes of a dog, cat, bird... you see love when you establish a bond. You see the same love in animals in their wild with their families.

I love birds so much because I see God in their beauty and their little hearts, they're small, intelligent brains...

Hey, you ever try to draw a bird to the last detail? Damn. When you study it, it's freaking amazing how they work.

I want to fight for animals to do honor by the Creator of them.

Evolutionists share the same desire too. To cherish something that has taken so long to develop and has taken mere years to destroy.

"Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten in God's sight." If you look into it, God is so earth loving, and eco-enthusiast.

Not trying to preach to you, just showing where I'm coming from and inform any others on the same boat.

The only reason to be against our missions (animal rights, green movement) is greed, ignorance, and selfishness. We can have different bases for thought, but we share the same, positive desires.

<3 Birdy Lady

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