Update and Cost of Traveling with Birds


All of us here at Broken Wing want to make sure that everyone knows the consequences of not following the rules when transporting your bird across state lines and more importantly in and out of the country.

Ollie's current situation could have been avoided but what is done is done. By not following the rules, Ollie's current circumstances could be repeated resulting in confiscation of the bird, with the possibility of facing euthanization and if that was not bad enough, then there will be hefty fines and fees imposed by the government and if not paid, could result in criminal charges as well.

To give you an idea of how the fees can jump to high levels, one fee imposed by the government concerning Ollie has been labeled 'Complicated Import Compliance Assistance fee = $531'. My God, what a nightmare.

When transporting your bird across state lines, please make sure that you have a heath certificate from your vet. Some States require that the health certificate be issues within the past 30 days of travel and other States required within 10 days prior to travel. Broken Wing's policy is to always have a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel.

The spirit of this memo is a public service announcement and nothing else.

This came to me from my friend Gudrun with Totally Organics. Her friend Linda Capriotti alerted her that a friend needs help to save her bird.

This is what Gudrun wrote to me:

There is a white eyed conure, named Ollie, in Denver, CO, confisca...ted by customs, because some tests were missing on the health certificate when it flew in with its owner from Germany. Now the tests are done, but the owner does not have the $600.00 to pay for them and the vet wants to destroy the bird without payment. I thought, if a bunch of us can chips in, we might save the life of this bird.

Here is a video of him, while still in Germany:


If you would like to contact Dr. Perkins here is his info and a little more info as to what is going on.

"Dr. Perkins, 303 231-5385 He is acting on behalf of the USDA. They require 2 tests for Newcastle and Bird Flu when the bird comes in and after a 30 day quarantine in home. They also require 2 Vet visits during the 30 day period. This is what they are billing for. They will take the bird back to the airlines also. He is willing to release the bird to the owner with payment."

If you would like to help, Linda Capriotti is collectig the funds. Send a Paypal payment to LCapriotti@aol.com. Linda's PayPal account is Bayou Best Seafoods.

I encourage you to share this so that we can get the funds needed so we can save Ollie.

Thank you for any and all the help in advance!

Tanya Johnson

After crying until 2am, wondering how to help, the next day:
I was blessed with the promise of a raise, a bonus, and there's 3 checks this month.
I topped off the funds of 222$
Nathan of Bill's Birds donated 100$ to help with the payment when I went to go pick up the gimpy Lovebird he's donating to the rescue. He still also offers to aid any birds in need...!
I do not support bred birds at all, but they will always exist...
It's a blessing he was open to working with me and offer kind acts to help birds in need. 
It was a blessing that ALF let me step in and help.

We have an excited adopter who has a lovebird, so there we go with experience! 
I'm going to get it's wellness exam today, hopefully. 
I was able to hold the little buddy and he didn't give any nips! Logically he's a little scared, but I see good things for this little guy...!

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