Avian Rescue Drama

Everyone needs to quite their whining.
Beware of greed.
Don't take in more than they can take care of.
Ask for help in this^ case because people will often help.

Put the birds first.

This is why people love birds, they come with much less baggage with equal or greater unconditional love.

I think their should be a rescue review site.
Maintained by people who are unbiased and educated.

Less bashing, more straight-forwardness.

Have updates if people change their ways.

Money is a touchy subject when it comes to rescues.
Rescues need money to survive and people will debate on how much.
Money corrupts.
People will do rescue full time and turn rescue into a "business".
Is that right or wrong?
It's case-by-case basis.
If you're intentionally breeding birds for profit, that is WRONG.
You are defeating the purpose of rescue.

I know that Rescue is really a full time job, that's why Jacq and I aren't as available as we'd like to be for questions and services. We both work full-time at regular jobs.

Taking money in to benefit one's self is bad in certain lights and ok in others.
If the individual is devoted to aiding birds and treats them like gold, I can look away at the person who's paying for their house with it. People need to live.

If their house is a freakin' mansion, and the birds are suffering, that's a bad rescue,
but you get one person who says "This person is paying for their house with rescue money" and really, their house is a shack and their birds are taken care of, people listen to the first statement, run off the deep end with it, and bad mouth them.

That's called manipulating context.

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