Angel the Nanday

Squawk picked up our new Volunteer Juliet and she had a bird carrier to go and get the nanday. Since Adam was at his first day of work, she met with his mom and she is scared of birds and she told where Angel was. Angel was in the guest bathroom and came right to me. No problems at all = they put Angel in the bird carrier.
The way it goes, Adam was outside on the grass near their condo, this bird appeared and started walking toward him and he went to feed him and the bird climbed up on his shoulder and has been there ever since.

Angel was fully flighted and appeared to be right around 1 yr old as the brown fringe around the black cap had just started to develop. She was obviously someones pet and since the wings were not clipped flew off.

Please clip your birds even if it is baby clips or make sure they have their birdy leashes on so this doesn't happen to you.

It appears Angel may have just found her forever home with our volunteer -- she said she was a keeper and said her mom would think so too. They already have 2 other birds and a dog.
Adam genuinely loved that bird, with the tough situation he was put into, he made a good call..! He promised once his situation changes, he wants to help out other birdies..! Take a tough situation and make it happy!

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