Rescue Update

I'd like to keep NFLB as a small rescue until I can have more time to dedicate to it.
"Those who chases 2 rabbits catches none."
I'd like to be an official branch of a bigger one, however, I like being assertive.

An assertive person can be construed as rebellious or off-putting depending on whom you ask.

I WANT to tell breeders to STOP BREEDING.
I don't want to be indirect and tip toe around situation, and I DON'T want to hurt a larger rescues' reputation.
I want a revolution to help birds.
That's one reason why I left WCC because I didn't want to hurt their reputation.
I stood up to someone, and they felt like calling them up with drama that didn't involve them.
I didn't even mention WCC to her, she just knew I volunteered with (or as she put it, worked for) them.
She let her animals live in filth and I let her know it, so if she can't do anything to attack me directly, she chooses to spread rumors as a form of attack. I don't want that.
You have a problem, you come to me, don't listen to what this one rowdy person says.

There's different rolls everyone plays in the fight for Animal Rights.
You have healers and fighters, and then you have those in the middle.
(Thinking in the mind-set of video games, heheh.)

Healers would be larger rescues, they have a certain image they have to maintain.
HSUS is one example. They have an elaborate protocol that all must follow.
If I wanted to do an impactful, yet questionable art piece to benefit animals, if it isn't politically correct, they can't stand behind it. I understand, and it's ok.
It's because of repercussions to their name that they've worked so hard on.

My ALF activist friends are direct and in your face. Visiting homes of cruel people, flyers, demonstration. I'm not bold enough to go that route.

I want this rescue and those involved to stay in the middle.
We have a fighting spirit, with just enough reserve to keep things legal and kosher.

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