Save the Troy Parrots

This is tough to view, but if you ignore their suffering, there is no hope for them.!/pages/Save-the-Troy-Parrots/210748295649809

At the beginning of August, 2011 somewhere between 50 and 100 parrots were abandoned in a home belonging to Mr. Ratcliffe who resides just outside the Troy, OH city limits. These parrots lived in filth and extreme heat without food and water. Many of them died of starvation and disease. The remainder resorted to eating the dead or dying parrots in order to survive.

These birds remain with Mr .Ratcliffe in an unheated, uncooled metal pole barn despite the pleadings of the international animal welfare community to have the Humane Officer seize the birds according to Ohio Animal Cruelty Statutes and press charges against Mr Ratcliffe.!/event.php?eid=176420882427326

If this pisses you off as much as it does me, please join these facebook pages and speak up for these poor babies.

UPDATE: They're working very hard up in Ohio to get the birds taken away. So express yourself as respectful as possible *cringe* if you choose to do so.


  1. Good news! WDTN TV (Channel 2 Dayton Ohio) reports that the "Troy Parrots" are now safe. To see the newscast, go to Google or YouTube and type the following in the Search bar:

    "Birds removed from Troy squalor" WDTNTV

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