Birds Need Sleep!

Because most birds live right on or near the equator, your parrot is instinctually driven to receive equal amounts of daylight and dark. Birds who don’t get enough sleep often become hormonal, cranky, territorial, aggressive, and loud. A lot of behavior problems are caused by lack of sleep! Make sure your bird is generally getting around 10-12 hours of sleep, every night. 
If you’re a night owl, but get up early, you need a separate room for your bird to sleep in peace and quiet. Birds also benefit from having a sleep cage, because in the wild, parrots don’t stay in the same tree for everything. They’re out and about, roosting in one tree, hanging out for the day in another, and foraging in yet another. Mimicking this helps reduce cage guarding, aggression, and boredom. Imagine if you were in the same room, everyday! The Sleep cage only has to be bog enough for a water bowl, a perch or toy, and maybe a toy. They don’t need much room to sleep. Their day cage should be bigger, with playstands set up around the house so your bird can be out with you as much as possible.

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