Georgie Tribute

Georgie passed away on Jan. 9th. My special needs Scarlet Fronted Conure - the one with the funny beak. He had a big seizure - which he's had only a few of them, but the vet said the medications to prevent them had bad side effects and were expensive so they opted to wait if the seizures were more frequent and then they'd go with that option. Well they stopped for a long time until while I was cleaning them, he started having one. I held him and waited for it to pass like the others have, but when he came to, he had neurological damage. I spent the whole day cuddling him, brought him outside, then had to "send him to see Clifford" because there was nothing that could be done.
I'm grateful I was home when it happened vs. being at work.
He was a wonderful bird, and I miss him very much, but the last years of his life he was spoiled, came out of his shell, and made a real girl-friend in Elly the conure (vs. his yarn wreath-wife he was actually adopted with).

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