Captive Parrot Crisis

 You’re still beautiful to me.
  • Honker was hit in the head, leaving him blind in one eye, fracturing his skull and collasping one sinus cavity.
  • Both wings have been broken multiple times, were not treated and have not healed correctly.
  • X-rays revealed that his spine has been fractured in two places and broken in a third.
  • He was kept in so small a cage that he couldn’t straighten his tail out behind him resulting in the break at the end of his spine healing at an angle so that his tail now sticks out to the side.
  • According to our vet , the x-rays showed that almost ever bone in this bird’s little body as been broken at some point in time.
  • Somehow, despite 14 years of indescribable physical abuse and beatings, Honker is an amazingly docile bird. One thing is for certain, the abuse is over now and no expense will be spared in providing Honker with everything he needs to recover and live a happy, healthy life.
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Please spread awareness about the crisis of captive parrots.

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