Donations Needed for Extensive Treatment
via No Paw Left Behind

“Cindy Lou Who is an adorable 9 week old terrier we have rescued from Miami Dade Animal Shelter.
We believe someone has smashed the side of this pups face with such force that her mandible (jawbone) is broken makeing it difficult for her to eat. This abuse has also caused her orbital socket to shatter and fall within her face. Her eye is now floating with no support of any bone.
We need to raise funds to pay for her EXTENSIVE surgery. We plan to get many different opinions from different vets. Some of her options so far are getting internal pins or an external fixator. Our goal is to save her eye and make sure she is able to eat with no trouble. You can tell she is in so much pain regardless of her many pain medications.
If you look into her eyes you see she is a fighter. So young, in so much pain, but ready to put her abuser to shame.
Please donate to help her thrive and live out her life the way a puppy should. No amount is to small. We may need to raise the chipin later on, so please note THIS IS JUST OUR MINIMUM AMOUNT. She needs very expensive reconstructive surgery. Please Help our Cindy Lou Who!!!”

Chipin Account
These guys made No Feather Left Behind happen and I fully endorse their efforts in aiding the “Unadoptable” animals.

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