Adoption List #2 - Private Family

Just received an email with a couple having some health issues. If you are interested, let me know, and I can get you in contact with them. Please fill out the adoption form that I will forward over to them prior to meeting.
1. Chooey is our 12 year old male Umbrella Cockatoo, who is an absolute riot and is actually the best talker of the bunch. He’s still picking up phrases and words from us! And funny as anything. 
2. Jose is our 11 year old male Timneh African Grey, who would fit in well in a condo or apartment. Even though he’s very talkative, for a bird he’s kind of quiet. 
3. Sarge is our 9 year old male Bolivian Military Macaw. He doesn’t speak well, but talk about beautiful! And of course, being a Bolivian Military, he’s on the endangered list.
4. Our last baby is Charlie – our only female – who is a 3 year old Catalina Macaw. She’s the gorgeous one and knows it. Also a talker, she yells at Chooey when he gets too loud – imagine that.
5. We also have Sydney who is a male Citron Cockatoo and is 8 years old. But he’s “Special” because he’s plucked his throat and back of the neck and just looks a little “off”. But he’s the most lovable or all. And when he hugs you his body temperature actually rises. And yes, he’s a talker too. His favorite phrase is, “I love you, Baby.” I don’t have a lot of hope someone wanting to adopt him, unless they were to just click with him because he’s so funny looking. But he’s MY baby. 
6. And lastly is our 13 year old Sun Conure, Popeye, who talks a little and actually sing “I’m Popeye – I’m Popeye, Pop-Pop”. But he’s also special because he goes into seizures whenever we take him to be groomed. We never know if he’s coming back with us each time we go to the vet to have his nails and wings done, and our vet is Dr. Backos!
She is asking 300$ for each bird which will include their cages.

I think this is a very very reasonable price. I can tell she's clearly not about the money, but consider the treatment of a free pet vs. a pet that's been invested in!

UPDATE: These birds have found happy homes! 

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