Safety and the Unexpected

You try your best to keep them safe, but the unexpected happens...

Source: Miss Vicki's Parrot Village, Inc
You need to be a little paranoid in order to keep a safe and happy bird.

My personal story revolves around wing clipping.
Elly the Dusky Conure is obviously a bird. She has wings, and I want her to be a bird and fly.
The fans are off, the blinds are closed, nothing is cooking on the stove, no buckets of water, no open toilets - These are things you need to consider with a bird.

Safe for fluttering right?

Despite being pretty good an maneuvering, she lands in a pan waiting to be cleaned, filled with grease. Her feathers were gross for some time... Not life-threatening, but unexpected and unfortunate.
I clip my guys after that. If I had an aviary, it may be a different story, and even then, you have to be caution of your flock jail breaking. 

Via Tammie from a facebook post:
I would like to mention I have a macaw who was playing with her toys when I heard a loud noise several times and then nothing. The noise didn't sound normal, so I ran inside to check on her and found a wire from the toy that use wires to hold wood beads in her throat and she was hanging. 
What she did was broke all wooden balls and some how hung herself with the wire hoop portion going threw her throat. 
I am soooooooo thankful I was there and heard her scream. In the process she broke to blood feathers and had to have them pulled at the vets. I had already pulled the wire out of her. Please reconsider the wire toys for the playful birds. I will never buy another one. Had I not been there .. my baby wouldn't be here today!!!
When you get a new toy for your bird, think of all the ways it could be harmful to them before making a purchase. Ere on the side of caution.

It's ok to share these stories as a warning to others so that they may do the best for their bird. No one should judge people over an accident. Accidents happen, what we all can do is learn from them for the betterment of our birds.  

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