Animal Adoption Fair 2013

Bird Rescue: Trust and Compassion

I'm happy to announce it's time to get more business cards! We had a great turn-out. Lots of people taking educational material, asking questions, inquiring about adoptables.

Cooper's mom, Ellen, did an outstanding job at our table. She really expressed the love and caring rescue peeps represent. Cody, our ambassador felt comfy in her care and didn't mind greeting everyone, as long as he got his lunch break to take a nap.  

Normally we don't take rescue birds to shows because they're going through a tough enough time going from one place to another, so this is stress prevention on their part.

Cody is accustomed to handling and spoiling. Everyone smiles when they see his fluffy butt.

Thanks to those visiting, those who donated, and those who can spread the word about bird adoption! They need love just as we, and other living creatures need.

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