A Bird-Hero Has Left Us

[Please support] our dear friend Clive who has left us. Donations will be used to carry out a funeral and/or memorial service for this great man. Words cannot describe everything about him, but below are some fond memories I will always carry with me.

To the friends and family of our dearest Clive,

This is a letter of my thoughts, many thoughts that have gone unspoken over the years.

I am thankful to have known you. To have known such a kind hearted man. Over the years you have taken in many recused animals; not only did you take abandoned parrots into your shop, but beaten and battered dogs into your home. I admired how you always helped customers and friends over the years who you knew were having a hard time, myself included. I am thankful to have met such a great story teller; I remember all the stories about living in Jersey and playing soccer. I will miss your raunchy sense of humor that was always able to fill a room with laughter.

Clive I miss you so much already, I know you’re in heaven looking down on all your feathered friends. Please donate to honor Clive’s passing with us. 

I remember he saw someone buying a bag of sunflower seeds and told them “I hope yer not planning on feeding them nothing but sunflower seeds.” In his scottish/english accent.Chippy the Pirate is the one bird shop I loved going to and encourage others to visit because of the caring they had for birds.

He didn’t turn birds over to just anyone who wanted one on impulse. Had rescue birds up for adoption. Had families visit with their birds before taking them home. Wouldn’t sell un-weened, un-ready babies.
Clive saved Cody the splay-legged lovebird and our birdy ambassador from a life a misery and probable death.
He gave me the cage he was in, seed, fresh food mix, and toys all without asking for anything in return (though I donated to his rescue cause). 
When people were having tough times, he contributed bird food. 
He cared for the pluckers, those with messed up beaks, the rowdy, the elderly, all birds.

I only go to 2 places. Publix, to go food shopping and Chippy’s, to go birdy-food shopping. I’d see him every other week and talk about birds and the stupid/silly stuff I put on FB that were entertaining to him… I’d describe a misc. symptom, he’d offer a recommendation to help the bird.
The world lost a special person. I start crying when I think about going, and not seeing him there, reading the newspaper outside, grooming a parrot. He was the best groomer and he didn’t even charge! 
I don’t mean to ask for money all the time, but if you have a little bit, it all helps.

In his memory, love and care for all the birds and animals you can.
DONATE FOR FUNERAL via [youcaring.com]
LIGHT A CANDLE via [gratefulness.org]

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