Saruman the Amazon

Got a call about a lady who went in the hospital and wasn't likely to be coming out. The neighbor was nice enough to notice Saruman, all by his lonesome, and bring him over to the Dr. Backos'. The vet office was nice enough to hold onto him for me and give him a check up until I could make it over there after work. 

I'm told he's at least 30 years old, the lady had him for that long.

He was skiddish at first which is normal, but eventually he put his whole face in my palm, and let me scritch his head fluff. However, he gets territorial when he hears the birds in the other room... Not realizing this, I go to have him step-up and CHOMP. 

Saruman is not a bad bird. He's just naughty sometimes. 

The story of me and him can be summarize by these images from one of my favorite animes, Azumanga Daioh.

Also, he's not a fan of getting medication... I don't blame him. He's needing baytril injections twice a day as well as gout medication orally. 
On the bright side, even after I give him the meds, as long as he's not hearing the other birds, he forgives me and lets me give him scritches again.

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