My pet would never hurt my bird

First off, I would like to apologize for this graphic image, I don't like seeing them on FB but lately this has been creeping up and I debated long and hard before making this. After having several people on other places comment about how their cat Fluffy just loves being preened by their bird. Or their dog carries their bird on his back, I broke. Finally, I decided to subtly censor the picture's graphic nature and post the warning.

If you own dogs or cats or ferrets or whatever, don't decide it's harmless. Yes, you might be SURE SURE SURE your dog would NEVER snap at your bird. Or your cat really DOES understand the bird isn't food. But is it really worth the smallest risk of having THIS ending for the awwww factor? If you can't keep them separated in different rooms always exercise caution and vigilance. Don't assume because something hasn't happened, nothing ever WILL happen.

Beyond the normal worries, saliva on cats and dogs can be quite deadly to birds if ingested.
via Texts from Parrots

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