"It's Me or the Bird"

Ok. Bye.

Birds are social and mate for life. When humans take them out of what nature intended for them, we have to fill that void in their little, birdy hearts, and sometimes they get possessive of their human/friend/mate. 

Mikey, my blue crown conure, isn't a cuddle baby to my husband, but he's gradually warmed up to him over the years.

I've had people surrender birds because their partner can't take the behavior. I honestly would say "Sorry, but this is my buddy. If it's meant to be, you'd be able to endure it."

Honest truth, whenever I'm crying, Mikey will waddle over anything and anyone to climb onto my shoulder and give me kisses. I could never say goodbye to him for a man, and it ended up working out just fine. I have a compassionate, patient, caring hubby! 

So there is hope for crazy bird people in love. ^_~

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