Pet Supermarket Event

This past weekend, Pet Supermarket hosted a Customer Appreciation Day Event. They call in local rescues to spread awareness about their causes.

More people now know birds need adoption too! Hey, I didn't know in the beginning either.

I'm hoping through events like this, staff will speak up to corporate and tell them, just like we don't sell dogs and cats, let's do the same for birds. The staff there seemed receptive and in agreement.
One worker let the store's Sun Conure out to play, of which I jumped at the opportunity and walked around with this baby playing for 30 minutes.

If you're in the South FL area and want to help out at events, we can pay you in cute. Thanks to dear friend, Angie for helping out! Look at this sweet (adoptable!) baby from The Little Blue Dog's rescue! Cuddle monster!

No rescue event is complete without our Ambassador, Cody!
Here he is trying to donate a ton of cute, but my jar wasn’t big enough.

The Easter Bunny was present and now I'm one of THOSE people. I regret nothing!

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