Pet Stores Make Me Cry

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I LOVE CONURES. I rescue conures (and other birds). I have 2 kids that are conures. I have Clifford (RIP) the conure tattooed on my back and no other tats on me. So, let me say something to joo…

Conures (and all animals) deserve love, attention, and patience.
They are not getting any of that locked away in those tiny bins of a cage. It’s like they’re living in those tiny japanese hotel rooms.
I asked an employee, “Do they get any out-of-the-cage time?”
He respectfully replied, “Honestly, not enough.” (Don’t you dare fire this guy, he actually seems to care!)

So, Drake and Tarzan have been stuck in there for how long? I’ve even seen birds in that scenario for longer.

There was a Quaker there who’s hatchday was 3 years prior. 3 YEARS. I was told he’s been bounced around from store to store.
I wanted to buy him to save him, but that increases demand, and they’ll just replace him with another sad bird.
I would leave crying after trying to entertain him with my hand crawling around the glass for 20 minutes. I felt so bad for him and dwelled on the others who suffer like him; of the bird-mill parents he came from.
I avoid #Petco, #PetSupermarket, and #Petsmart for these reasons and encourage others to do so until things change.

When getting a bird from Petco (I did way back when I wasn’t as informed as I am now), there was no education, no honest description of what it means to be a bird parent. I had to give my dusky conure to my dad because she went from needy baby to adult. She now bites me and wants to cuddle him death. Oh, and when she’s not cuddling, she’s screaming for cuddles.

Petco, you adopt out dogs and cats, why not adopt out birds? Are you not aware of the Captive Parrot Crisis?

What Pet Stores can do right now:
  • Hire a crew to interact with the bird on a frequent basis. 
  • Have avian education classes. 
  • Work with rescues and sanctuaries similar to how you are with dogs and cats.
BTW, conures live to be in their 30s, that’s a BIG commitment alone.

Bird lovers, go ahead and call the number posted, 1-888-824-7257

Share for awareness!

Want to learn more as to why I rant?
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