Exploding Parrot Population in U.S. will Cause Crisis

As predicted by the National Best Friends Animal Society

National animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society (http://www.bestfriends.org) has long advocated for homeless pets and parrot experts at the Society’s sanctuary say the pet parrot population explosion is troubling. Full Story...

True parrot lovers are parroting educational information and society is becoming receptive. 

Breeders are getting mad. The rest of the population, not blinded by profit, are speaking with their dollar and their hearts. 

We need to keep on educating that parrots are amazing, but still wild animals, born with the coveted ability to fly. They should not be confined to cages. The only cause for an animal to be bred is for conservations efforts. The only cause for an animals to be cages is due to an inability to be free and have an acceptable quality of life.

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