Reason for Rescues & Sanctuaries

Birds can FLY. What heartless person thought it was a good idea to stick a WILD, emotional, and intelligent creature like that in a cage? In my mind, I see it like throwing toddlers into a jail cell. It's just wrong.
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“God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.”― Jacques Deval
This is why rescues and sanctuaries are super important.
"If you really love something, LET it BE free."
This does not mean launching your companion bird out the window into the wilds, that's illegal, and they'll probably not be too happy about that in the long run... but lets stop breeding them for a life of confinement where honestly, their true needs can not be met. Birds don't deserve a life of "Good enough." Spoil your fids the best you can, but don't support the breed-for-profit industry.

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