Busy Bird Week

Budgie Trio Adopted!
Sweet-peep Afrah adopted the gothatiels, Jack & Sally from us. Her Uncle & Aunt fell for their cuteness whilst visiting, and thus adopted Clover, Chilli, and Pepper.

Lola has been Rehabbed and Adopted!
The super sweet family patiently waited for her to get the green light from the vet. She fluttered right over and demanded scritches. I miss her, but now there's room for another foster friend. 

First day working on the Parrot Children's book!
I'm working with Karen of The Little Blue Dog to develop a new parrot-centered children's book.
She wrote the story, I'm doing the Illustrations. 

Good Omens
 Saw a rainbow on my 50 mile trek back home.

 A quicky photoshop for a friend of St. Francis with budgies. 
In memory of her fids over the Rainbow Bridge.

Rescues helping rescues. I worked up a flyer for Karen  & Get a Life Pet Rescue's event next month!

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