The Sad Story of Pirate Budgie

Say hello to how CRUEL people can be.

A man called me yesterday, very heart broken - said his neighbor gave him these birds living in filth. "Looked like the cage hadn't been cleaned in 2 years". No pic. He logically just wanted to get them out of there.
This neighbor knew he loved budgies since he had 3.
He didn't want to get his sick (I don't blame him), and didn't know what to do, he got my number from Backos Bird Clinic, where they're located now.
As you can see, this baby's eye is severely abscessed. Filth + eyeballs = infection. They're likely going to have to remove the eye.

Here's the time where I beg for donations to help pay for his surgery.

If you are broke, please SHARE!

If you have the means, you can donate via PAYPAL:,
SHOP for bird decals I designed/make:
Or DIRECT TO VET via Backos Bird Clinic under No Feather Left Behind's account: (954) 427-0777

Because of your consideration, we can keep treating these babies and find them good homes. THANK YOU.

In an effort to get Pirate Budgie over to Dr. K's ASAP, my husband transported him while I'm at work. He talked to him on the way over and gave him millet. His heart bled for him and he even

wanted to adopt him, but Dr. Kelleher has dibs.
I'm going to stop by after work and check up on things. Prayers for Pirate Budgie. Sometimes birds in his condition don't make it, but I know they'll try their best.  --  Jen

Update: Pirate budgie passed away when I went to go visit him at Broward Avian & Exotic.
They x-rayed him and he had severe pneumonia, low bone-density, enlarged liver. They even tried to resuscitate him, but his lungs were so full of infection… 
 His wife has gastric yeast infection they’re currently treating.

Pirate budgie was neglected to death, but he had 4 days of warmth, clean air, and treatment. He was loved in his last days… 
If you see a bird not being treated well, the sooner you address the owners, the better. 

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  1. *soft paw* Thank you for trying to save these dear little birds. Fly free, Pirate Budgie.