Double Adoption

One adoption lead to another at Bird Lovers Club - Crowburt the Green Cheek Conure found a family, and that family had a friend that was interested in the Parrotlet Applejack (formerly Romy) and Sun Conure Sunny.

At first, I was worried that Sunny was going to be a noisy nipper (which isn't uncommon for sun conures) and Applejack was going to be scared of interaction, but they took to the new family very well. They preened each other while perched on their new dad, then preened him, and Applejack would do tiny-whistles back to Jorge. I think it's a good fit.

Crowburt loves men, so Mario was a great match for his family as Irma had her Blue and Gold Macaw that adores her. Very animal-loving and rescuing family.

I wish them the best and I'm going to miss Crowburt, but I'm happy that he's a social butterfly when it comes to men.

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