RIP Chickadee

Chickadee/Sweet Peep/Chickapeep was abandoned in an apartment.
My friend at Birds of Paradise Sanctuary & Rescue retrieved her and others and took them in to find homes/introduce them to the free flights.
I went up there and my heart melted for Chickadee.

I was able to give her two years of cuddles and loves. She was at the hospital just the other week for 3 days getting oxygen, warms, and treatment. The night before she passed, she was in my hand, getting cheek-rubs, watching Netflix in my room. Every morning, since I knew she was slowing, she got priority cuddle time before waking the rest of the flock. 

She passed that morning in mid-preen. I believe it was a quick, gentle passing. Like a light dimming.
I miss her because she’s not here, but I don’t regret taking her in. I took to the vet and had her on supplements. I gave her a load of cuddles. Gave her yummy food.  
I would do it all over again. I still adore senior pets. My heart aches in her absence, but I find peace knowing I spoiled her. 

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