"I bought a baby bird from a breeder."

I was told this was an abandoned breeder bird. 
"It shouldn't matter where pet birds come from, it matters where they're going."

How about no?

When it comes to puppy mills, wouldn't you say it should matter where the animal comes from?
Why is it any different for a bird? 
Do you believe in, "Adopt don't shop?"

By purchasing a bird (or any animal), you're creating demand.

Young birds sell because they're extra cute and needy of parents, which to deprive them of their family is cruel within itself.

Elly was needy, clingy, and cute. I was sold. Then she hit puberty. If my dad is home, she will attack me, and want to be with him.

It's a terrible cycle that is perpetuated when anyone buys an animal.

You are creating a demand, and breeders fill that demand in cruel ways.

I got Elly from Petco, she was my first parrot, I was unaware of the Bird Mill she came from and I vowed to never support that industry ever again. I also vowed to spread awareness as to prevent the demand for bred wild animals, aka parrots. (They are not domesticated, their parents or grandparents were plucked from the wilds).

Have you seen birds bond with their babies? I have. I will tell you straight up, they should never be taken away from them. To do so is inhumane.

You know how birds bond.

If you wouldn't take a human baby from their mother, you shouldn't encourage people to take a bird baby from their mother. Anyone who has lived with a bird knows how like humans they are.

I was going to let this go, and I know no one is perfect, but yes, it DOES matter where they come from.

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