Keep Wild Animals Wild

I love birds beyond anything else in this world and want their best interests met. I know there’s some great bird owners… I know even more cruel ones.

I’ve been rescuing birds for over 5 years, and it’s one nightmare story after the next. Just the other day we had ANOTHER set of budgies left in the Florida sun with no water, NEXT TO THE TRASH… We had a pair of lovies like that, and a pair of budgies 2 years ago….
No bird should ever suffer like that.

Birds are given to anyone… They’re given to people with good intentions, then life changes, then the bird is dumped. They’re starved to death because Little Billy was put in charge of feedings and simply stopped (this story was told to me by 2 different people and they didn’t bat an eye). Birds are released (illegal and likely will result in death), locked in closets because noise, screamed at. One was hit (an ekkie), thrown against the wall because it bit a guys girlfriend, resulting in a broken beak…
No animal deserves this. Humans, as a whole, do not take care of pets… many can’t even take care of themselves. Honestly? I feel birds shouldn’t even BE pets. They are in fact, wild animals.
My wish is that we, as responsible, loving, bird lovers do the best we can with the birds already in our care, and we stop breeding them for our selfish wants. Breeding for conservation is fine, that’s a just purpose, but for our homes? For profit? No.
Imagine having the ability to FLY and are confined to a life inside a cage? Many parrots become emotionally unstable, depressed, and even pluck and self mutilate. Cockatoos suffer this the most, and they live to be 80 years old!

Another reason birds belong in the wild… Birds live with decent owner for 30 years. That owner dies, that bird stops eating, and dies. That bird viewed that owner as a mate, because that’s what birds do.

Long story short, and I’m open to hear the thoughts of others as long as you don’t flame me, adopt only, support conservation efforts of birds in their native habitats, support sanctuaries, visit sanctuaries, enrich the birds already in our care to the best of our ability, and don’t turn to breeders.
Breeders take babies from their loving parents, having raised a family of birds, I could never do that to any animal. That’s too devastating… 

I hope that clears some things up. I love birds so much, I would dream of a future where they are not in our homes, but where they belong, in the skies.

Instead of spending 2000$ on food, vetting, cage, an actual cockatoo, I could take that money and go to Australia and see them enjoy freedom.

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