Adoptable Birds November

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Fuzz the Nanday Conure
One legged conure rescued by Backos Bird Clinic. Is cage aggressive but a snuggler when he's take out. Hops and scoots around without much problem.

Dino & Bark - ADOPTED!

Suki, Soka, & Squall - ADOPTED!
Typical silly budgies. They like the chirp, play with one another. Good for a person who doesn't have much time to spend with them as they can entertain one another.

Bonnie & Clyde - Lovebirds

Hilda (The lovebird) & Francis (The English Budgie)
Francis talks a little bit and is mild mannered. Hilda is a nipper-butt, but she only wants to protect her Francis. They both act like goofballs, preen each other, snuggle, and are good for a family that may be on the busy side but wants the company of birds.

Richard - ADOPTED!
Richard was very loved and spoiled until his dad could no longer care for him. He says "Hey Richard" whistles, dances, sits on your shoulder and is a very good bird. If you have a few hours a to spend with a bird daily, and want a to interact with, Richard would be happy to be your friend.

Baby Lovebirds! - Located in Miami

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