Surrendering Birds in the US

dapper-dinosaur asked:Hello fellow bird lover, I was kind of wondering about what aviculture is like in america? In Australia it's not that bad, but you constantly here about over run shelters and abandoned birds from america in aus our shelters are not over run (with birds) you ether have the old people who think tiny cages are okay or the newer generation that are actively involved in their parrots lives. It just sounds so horrible and distant from what I've experienced.

In AU, Cockatoos and Loris are native and commonplace. Americans like to claim that which is unique and exotic as their own, typically on impulse. They realize they’re in over their head, and discard whatever they find inconvenient. They don’t register that the animal that they chose to take responsibility for, is a living, breathing, feeling being, akin to a child, so, “Meh, dump “it” off somewhere. Make “it” someone else’s problem.” 

If it they registered the bird akin to a human child instead of an “it”, which any true bird lover would agree that they are, it’s unlikely they would dump the poor little feathered friend and perhaps take the effort to learn more about their needs, seek vet and behavioral treatment, and teach others not to make their mistake. 

I’m over here trying to change society’s perspective through outreach via the internet, graphic design, illustrations, adoption events, museum outreach, and Cody adventures/Birdhism. 

Dear humans, please realize animals are not things, they’re not its. Their lives have value just as ours do.  

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